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Mary Amelia "Millie" Vance

Born: 1796 At Vancebottom In Russell County, Virginia



Marriage: 1815 Cabell Co. Va/WVa

Father: Abner Vance

Mother: Susannah Howard

Spouse: James brown Jr.

Born: 1792 In Russell Co. Va.

Death: Sep-1859 In Logan Co. WVa.


Father: James brown Sr.

Mother: Esther LNU


James Harold Brown   b. 1822

Elisha Brown   b. 1823

William Patterson Brown   b. 1824

Isaac Abner Brown   b. 1826

Esearu Brown   b. 1828

John Brown   "Old Jack"   b. 1830

Matthias Brown   b. 1831

Nancy H. Brown   b. 1832

Thomas Brown   b. 1831

Evans Ferrell Brown   b. 1834

Rachel Brown   b. 1835

Rebecca Brown   b. 1816

Virginia Brown   b. 1825

NOTE   For James Brown Jr. and Mary "Amelia" Vance

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