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Susannah Howard

Born: 1767

Death: After 1850 In Logan County, West Virginia

Burial: Logan County, West Virginia

Marriage: 1779

Father: Abraham Howard

Mother: Hester Jane (Maiden Name Unknown) "Howard" Allen

Spouse: Abner Vance   "Reverend"

Born: About 19-Jul-1755 In Virginia Or North Carolina

Death: 2:00 PM Tuesday, 16-Jul-1819 In Abingdon, Virginia Washington County

Burial: Jul-1819 On His Farm At VanceBottom, Virginia In Russell County

Father: Ephraim Vance

Mother: Theodosia Hewlings


John Vance

Tabitha "Tabby" Vance

* William Harvey Vance

Mary Amelia "Millie" Vance

Sena "Alena" Vance

Richard Vance

James Vance

Elizabeth Vance

Abner Vance Jr.

sarah Vance

Acenthia Vance

Minerva Vance

Elijah Alexander Vance Sr.

Isabella Vance

Nancy Vance

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