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Ruth Virginiabelle Davis

Born: 5-Jun-1902 Buchanan Co. Va.

Death: 29-Mar-1979 Swords Creek, Va. Russell Co.

Burial: 1-Apr-1979 Richardson Cemetery, Swords Creek, Va. Russell Co.

Marriage: 11-Oct-1922 Vandyke, Va. Buchanan Co.

Father: Reece Davis

Mother: Mary Catherine Ball   "Cathern" "Mary"

Spouse: Albert Ernest Richardson

Born: 27-Feb-1902 Vandyke, Va. Buchanan Co.

Death: 30-Sep-2001 Swords Creek, Va. Russell Co.

Burial: 4-Oct-2001 Swords Creek, Va. Russell Co.

Father: William Floyd Richardson

Mother: Ollie Rachael Short


Arnold Lenard Richardson   b. 1922

Agnes Lacy Richardson   b. 1924

Elmer Richardson   b. 1926

Claude Swanson Richardson   b. 1928

Clari Lucille Richardson   b. 1935

Olbert Deleno Richardson   b. 1937

Cathern Ollie Richardson   b. 1939

Pauline Richardson   b. 1941

Daniel Faye Richardson   b. 1945

David Allen Richardson   b. 1945

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