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Samuel Crockett Davis

Born: 1884/85 Buchanan Co. Va.



Marriage: 20-Dec-1905 Buchanan Co. Va.

Father: William F. Davis

Mother: Margaret A. Stilwell

Spouse: Celia Louise Short

Born: 16-Aug-1886 Marvin, Va. Buchanan Co.

Death: 24-Sep-1969 Buchanan Co. Va.

Burial: 27-Sep-1969 Short Gap, Va. Buchanan Co.

Father: Amos T. Short

Mother: Lydia Margaret Deskins


Nonie Davis   b. 1906/07

Walter Davis   b. 1909

Olbert davis   1912

Garnie Davis   b. 1915/16

Arthur McKinley Davis   b. 1919

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