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Reece Davis

Born: 12-May-1875 Va.

Death: 1-Mar-1953 Va.

Burial: Mar-1953 Ball Cemetery, Road Ridge, Va. Taz. Co.


Father: William F. Davis

Mother: Margaret A. Stilwell

Spouse: Mary Catherine Ball

Born: 27-Jun-1880 Va.

Death: 10-Jan-1967 Va.

Burial: Jan-1967 Ball Cemetery, Road Ridge, Va. Taz. Co.

Father: John Ball

Mother: Ruthey Ball


Oliver Davis   b. 1896

Eliza R. Davis   b. 1897

Rosa F. Davis   b. 1900

Ruth Virginiabelle Davis   b. 1902

Grace E. Davis   b. 1904

Maggie Davis   b. 1911

Omrey Davis   b. 1920

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