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David Marcus White

Born: 22-Jan-1878 Dames Quarters, Somerset Co. Md.

Death: 26-Aug-1945 Washington D.C.

Burial: Aug-1945

Marriage 1st: 29-Dec-1898

Marriage 2nd:

Father: David Henry White

Mother: Julia Mae Wallace

Spouse 1st: Martha Katura Long

Spouse 2nd: Leah Griffith   "Momma"

Born 1st. Spouse:

Born 2nd. Spouse:

Death 1st. Spouse:

Death 2nd. Spouse:

Burial 1st. Spouse:

Burial 2nd. Spouse:

Father 1st. Spouse: Thomas W. Long

Father 2nd. Spouse:

Mother 1st. Spouse: Louisa Virginia White

Mother 2nd. Spouse:

Children 1st. Spouse:

Gertrude Virginia White   b. 1909

Wallace Thomas White

Russell Austine White

Randall White

David Franklyn White

Walton Theodore White

Julia Mae White

David William White

Helen Christine White

Children 2nd. Spouse:

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